Our Sponsors

A big Thank You to our Sponsors

The Weaver Dance Company has been able to develop, design and stage The Loves of Mars & Venus only because of the very generous financial support of our sponsors. It is unfortunate that no amount of enthusiasm, expertise and energy alone, can produce live performances of quality –  they cost money. The realities of small runs mean that it is next to impossible to cover the development costs from door-money. So, it needs commitment and risk of considerable sums to get these events off the ground.

In this case, we were lucky enough to have the support of far-sighted sponsors who put their faith in our abilities to create and stage a high-quality finished work from the sparse records of John Weaver’s original 1717 afterpiece, and we’re delighted to say that our sponsors seem pleased with the outcome!

“Against all the odds, we achieved a performance about John Weaver’s The Loves of Mars and Venus yesterday evening on the 300th anniversary, to the day, of the first performance…  My profound thanks to all who made it happen… Together, we did it!”

“…It really was a magical afternoon, and I loved it, as did all my friends … who want me to tell you how much they enjoyed it.  My best investment ever”

“…your performance in the Courtauld was enchanting… theatre as it should be presented. What a jewel and it deserves to be seen by many.”

Our Sponsors include:

Dr Moira Goff

Suzanne Burge

Martineau Family